Climate change is BIG so we are doing some big THINGS

A three-day concert at Forest Hills Stadium, Queens, NYC, September 16, 17 & 18, 2022.

Have fun. Take Action. Be you.

The App

A digital space to find your way into the climate community and connect with artists through shared interests.

The Future

We’re not out to create just one sustainable event, we want to help shift the entire live events industry. Serious R&D for serious transformation.

Our Mission is to:

harness the unifying power of music to create awareness and impact on climate change.

“Dismantle ego systems and Nurture eco systems.”

A complex problem with a simple solution.

There is no one solution to climate change. There are billions. Each of us is the solution. It’s true that climate change has unequivocally been caused by a minority — and unjustly affects those least responsible the most harshly — but it will take a majority to fix it.

Individual actions do matter. And when we come together and collectivize those actions, we can rewire the system to favor justice, equity and equality.

That’s the power of community.

“I definitely suffer from climate anxiety and I know that so many people my age do too. And it’s overwhelming sometimes but I really just wonder if, you know, we’re doing enough?”

Billie Eilish, OVERHEATED documentary