Why Is A Picture Worth A Thousand Words - Part 3

The Creative Climate / Episode 9

For Episode 9 of The Creative Climate Podcast, join host Perry Serpa for some brief, New Year bloodletting on the State of the Union followed by an interview with celebrated visual artist, Nicholas Papadakis- a real treat for listeners who are fellow artists and photographers as Nick gets granular about his processes, recounting his attempts to paint bubbles, utilize a musician's brain scan as a springboard for a series and immortalize a road trip involving a friend with a penchant for wrapping herself around trees while naked. If that doesn't make you curious, I dunno what will. Seriously though, Papadakis makes for a fascinating featured guest and a
longstanding champion of creative response. 

Then, hear Rebecca Hart's gorgeous, "Horses," our Hottest On Record for this episode. The song was one of 9 tracks on her 2018 album, The Magician's Daughter. Rebecca is a Creative Climate alumnus having been featured on our very first episode commenting on her pandemic experience. She is a prolific singer/songwriter/playwright/actress/tarot card reader.