Who's Julie? And What's The Deal With Her Bicycle? A Conversation with Alison Tickell of Julie's Bicycle

The Creative Climate / Episode 15

In this, our 15th episode of the Creative Climate Podcast, Perry Serpa has some good 'ol chat with his new friend, Alison Tickell, CEO and co-founder of the beloved and impactful UK climate organization, Julie's Bicycle. Yes, they get into the rudimentary query of "who's this Julie?" and "is there really a bicycle?" (you'll have to listen), but there's some deeper convo that attempts to answer the questions, "how did we get here?" and "where are we going now that it's all changed?" 

The vibrant discussion happens through the lens of 2 music industry folks who remain keen on enlisting their friends in biz, many of whom are artists, to fix the planet. To that end, Alison shares her choice for Hottest On Record, Love Ssega's empowering track, "Keep Going (Just Change The World)," a likely paraphrase from Greta Thunberg. All a must-hear!