Why Is A Picture Worth A Thousand Words - Part 2

The Creative Climate / Episode 8

For Episode 8, host Perry Serpa chats with visual artist, TB Ward. Proud Yorkshire lad and singer/songwriter/guitarist of now-defunct UK indie band, Elevate, Ward has spent much of the past 2 decades engaging his passion to fill blank canvases with uniquely compelling images that tell stories. Says TB, "I feel the line tells the story. I start with a notion of the natural landscape and then allow for any deviation; thoughts of man made structures, the visual impact this creates. I look for line, whether it is made in pencil, a scratch on a surface or a piece of manipulated wire."

Ward spent 2014-2018 with his family in his old stomping grounds of Shrewsbury UK, just a spit from Wales and the stint inspired recent work, much of which had their start in more simple pleinair paintings and evolved into a more abstract version of these landscape works. Says the artist, "These newer pieces, I think, ask more questions; the serial number money codes stamped on top of the impression of a landscape represent the monetization of our natural world. It is a commentary on our placement of arbitrary value on the land around us, how our perception and treatment of the land as something to be bought and sold must surely change, and the way in which nationalism is being used to keep our eyes off the ball. And hopefully they are interesting to look at too." To put eyes on it all, visit tbward.com
For our Hottest On Record, we give you Haunted Continents, a solo project of notable NYC singer/songwriter James A.M. Downes, a member of Phila/NYC trio TEOA (The End Of America). For their track contribution, a stunner called "Safe On The Run," Downes teamed up with New Haven, CT based, Dumlords over a few responsible Zoom writing sessions to create a desert canyon indie rocker antihero ballad that plays like a dusty noir novel. Says Downes, "When you hear it, you’ll agree, it would sound its best speeding through Death Valley in a Cadillac going 90 mph."