LaunchLeft, Right? A Conversation with Rain Phoenix

The Creative Climate / Episode 14

Episode 14 finds host Perry Serpa and guest co-host, Jillian Santella in a serious mind meld with musician, actor, activist and fellow podcaster, Rain Phoenix. Yes, Rain drops weekly dispatches of her celebrated LaunchLeft podcast, an ever inspiring, high minded conversation with creatives, rabble rousers, legends and go-getters about the importance of engagement. Folks like Jane Fonda, Mick Rock, Ben Harper, Ani DiFranco, Michael Stipe and George Clinton, among many others, have visited the room.
After we chat about her nonprofit work, sing the praises of fellow creators and explore the significance of simple, positive communication in our everyday lives, Rain turns us onto her new label (also called LaunchLeft) and offers up an amazing song called “So Sure” by Simone Istwa, for our Hottest On Record segment. Istwa grew up in a musical family with parents Sam Phillips and T Bone Burnett. “So Sure” is the first single from their forthcoming EP, Heartweb, available on June 4 via LaunchLeft. The song's video was directed by Nina Ljeti, who made Phoebe Bridgers’ “Kyoto” video. A must-hear for sure!