How Do You Solve a Problem that No One Wants to Solve?

The Creative Climate / Episode 3

Perry Serpa and Kirsten Spruch co-host Episode 3 of the Creative Climate, "How Do You Solve a Problem that No One Wants to Solve?", an hour long exploration of the climate discussion within U.S. political forum. Perry interviews Nathaniel Rich, author of Losing Earth, best selling chronicle of the beltway conversation from the seventies to present day.

John Rivera, energy expert/negotiator and veteran of the Federal Energy Administration and the Department of Energy in the 70s and 80s. Both guests shed ample light on the tug o'war around climate and give us some fresh insights as to where the conversation needs to go.

Hottest On Record musical guest is critically acclaimed Austin-based singer/songwriter, Rod Melancon who offers us an acoustic version of "Corpus Christi Carwash," his tribute to the late, great Freddie Fender

-- Perry Serpa, co-host