Are You Gen-Green??

The Creative Climate / Episode 7

“Be willing to be led by people who are not you.” --Elsa Mengistu 

For this episode, Perry talks to Elsa Mengistu, the co-founder of Generation Green (Gen-Green) -- A youth led intergenerational community of Black environmentalists that addresses the intersectionality of Black social justice issues through an environmental justice lens.

Elsa discusses her own challenges and recent history, which involved a move from the impactful youth climate organization Zero Hour, where she worked as the organization’s Director of Operations and Logistics. Zero Hour, as you may remember, was one of the organizations that launched the impactful Youth Climate March in July of 2018. Elsa attends classes at Howard University, She has been honored by Grist Magazine one their Top 50 Fixers for 2019.

For this Hottest On Record, we have Jim Santo, a man with a guitar and a plan who has been rambling through the NYC music scene for the past 4 decades, playing in bands that one would call power pop, post-punk, art rock, no wave and chamber pop. 

Santo, primarily guitarist extraordinaire, is also a composer. His latest design is an amazing textural and avant garde instrumental opus called The Siberian Traps/An Extinction Fable, just on his long standing Dive Records.

The album, his first homespun production, finds influence in a number of post-rock and electronic artists -- Fennesz, Tim Hecker, GAS, Abul Mogard, Facs, Kelly Lee Owens, Cate LeBon, etc. As well as timbres and tones of the outside world.

Says Jim, "At that time, I wasn't thinking about an album, let alone an instrumental concept album about human extinction! i had made some offhand remarks about making an album about the end of the world, and had registered a domain name for an imaginary band called The Siberian Traps**, but that was the extent of it."

But as it did for many, the pandemic came along and changed everything.

His neighborhood in Queens was the epicenter of the first terrifying explosion of COVID-19 in America. Most of the album was recorded in the early days of the lockdown, which is directly expressed in particular songs on the album, including his offered track "Humanity".