All Love Aloe

The Creative Climate / Episode 4


Perry and Kirsten interview the one and only, Aloe Blacc, artist and activist, well, "Artivist," a word he coined to harness the confluence of the two. "This is an exercise in selflessness -- being an activist and an artist. I call it an 'artivist.' It's finding ways to use my art to promote humanity, compassion, community and togetherness," says Aloe during our engaging chat about his nearly two decade long career as a singer/songwriter. We also delve into topics like kids and smartphones, The Social Dilemma, and working to transcend the palpable landscape of chaos and confusion on our world stage. Creative response, indeed! Aloe talks with us on the wings of his first full album release in 7 years, a gem called "All Love Everything," courtesy of the BMG label.

Perry and Kirsten then chew da fat about songsmithin',  droppin all kinds of science, before "The Kirstenizer" is ordained as this episode's Hottest On Record, offering her brilliant new track, "Hunt Road," for our audience to put their arms around. A good one! 

-- Perry Serpa, co-host