4.22.21 Climate Control Projects announces SOS Concert for the Planet. Read the press release.

At the center of Climate Control Projects’ universe is SOS for the Planet. It’s the firmament from which an ever-expanding constellation of projects and campaigns are born.

Our planet is in distress, and, as its inhabitants, so are we. Ecology is intersectional, and a world out of balance is not socially, economically or biologically sustainable. The systemic problems that caused the climate crisis need systemic solutions. This means we all have a part to play.

SOS for the Planet is a space for bringing people together in harmonic realignment centered around music, art, creativity and action. Although our goals might be the same, we each express this SOS in our own unique way.

What’s yours?

The SOS Sessions

Music Asks, Science answers.

Rufus Wainwright / Kim Nicholas

The SOS Sessions / Episode 7

Our latest SOS Session features singer/songwriter Rufus Wainwright and Kimberly Nicholas, PhD, Associate Professor of Sustainability Science at Lund University Centre for Sustainability Studies (LUCSUS). Dr. Nicholas' new book is...

Laura Cantrell / Catherine Prunella

The SOS Sessions / Episode 6

Our latest SOS Session features singer/songwriter Laura Cantrell and Catherine Prunella, a marine scientist currently working with the National Science Foundation (NSF). SOS Sessions are produced in partnership with The...

Ben Folds / Dr. Kathie Dello

The SOS Sessions / Episode 5

Our latest SOS Session features singer/songwriter Ben Folds and Dr. Kathie Dello, State Climatologist of North Carolina and the Director of the North Carolina State Climate Office. SOS Sessions are...

Rozzi / Bren Smith

The SOS Sessions / Episode 4

We're proud to present the premiere of SOS Sessions Season 2, featuring singer/songwriter Rozzi and Bren Smith, Co-Executive Director and Co-Founder of Project Green Wave. SOS Sessions are produced in...

jaimie branch

The SOS Sessions / Episode 3

SOS Session 3 features jaimie branch, a Brooklyn-based musician and artist working in the areas of improvisation and composition particularly interested in extending and expanding the technical limitations of the...

Hieroglyphic Being

The SOS Sessions / Episode 2

In a worthy follow up to our SOS Sessions debut, we present a live PA set from one of the preeminent artists in contemporary electronic music, Chicago-based Hieroglyphic Being. He has...

Christine Renée

The SOS Sessions / Episode 1

Christine Renée kicks of the SOS Sessions inaugural season with a profuoundly vibey DJ set performed from a verdant field in upstate New York. Video artist Alex Czetwertynski adds rich texture to the production...