SOS: Audio Atlas

Nothing has the power to connect people more than music. Well, except maybe climate change. And that’s the theme of our radio show SOS: Audio Atlas. In each episode, we visit a region of the globe to examine the impacts of climate change and sample some choice music selections.


Audio Atlas / October 2020

Sea level rise due to climate change will be catastrophic for Cuba. Over the last 20 years, sea level rise in Cuba has been ~ 7 centimeters, wiping out some low-lying beaches and threatening marsh vegetation, especially along Cuba’s southern midsection. (that's what she said). But that’s not all.

West Africa

Audio Atlas / October 2020

The Sahel is a geographically and politically significant region in West Africa spanning 12 countries including Mali, Niger, Burkina Faso, Chad and Mauritania. The Sahel comprises some of the world's poorest and most fragile states, and is regarded as one of the most vulnerable regions to climate change.


Audio Atlas / October 2020

The combination of massive wildfires and systematic deforestation in the Amazon rainforest is not only threatening the existence of indigenous peoples, animals and millions of local residents living in Brazil, but also accelerating climate change globally.