Love and Respect in the Sahel

Liner Notes / Fousseny Traoré

[Editor’s note:  One of the joys of being part of a global movement is meeting people from all regions of the world who are working toward a common goal.  We may never meet one another person, but it doesn’t mean we don’t support and inspire each other's work.  Our new friend Fousseny Traoré sent us this note from Mali and we wanted to share it here. When you're done, head over to our West African playlist.]

Hello Dear Friend, 

I am fighting for climate justice because the planet is in danger, to the point that our future, if it is not totally threatened, is still very hypothetical...
In Mali, as in all the countries of the Sahelian strip, we have been hit hard by the consequences of the environmental crisis.

You should know that the deforestation funded by multinationals, causes the advance of the desert and brings about an alternation of drought and floods, which increases famine, diseases, and of course, conflicts which are the breeding ground for terrorism.

We say it because we live it!

As long as I have a breath of life, I will fight on this earth for social, climatic, environmental justice. I have seen climate change disproportionately affect people in my community, my country and the African continent. It is disastrous for agriculture, which is the key to our survival; our livelihoods are in danger,  all being lost to floods, droughts and heat waves.  Leaders: you have to wake up, you have to listen to the science and you have to face the climate emergency.

 Tell your government to declare #ClimateCrisis and take #ClimateActionNow >>

#Love_and respect for lifeheart
#Promotion Of The Protection Of Natureheart

- Fousseny

Fousseny Traore is the head of the FridaysForFuture movement in Bamako, Mali in West Africa.  Malian by nationality, Fousseny was born in Bouaké, in the Ivory Coast.  At the age of 9, he moved to Bamako, on the land of his father, where he was influenced by his uncle, a teacher and farmer who, in addition to instilling in him modern knowledge, would pass on to the teenager the love of the land. 

You can follow him on IG @traorefousseny or FaceBook

More importantly, you can financially support his work directly through his crowdfunding campaign

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