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On April 24th, 2021, a youth-led concert series called ClimateLive was held in over a dozen countries around the world.  Perhaps the largest of all the events, was Climate Live Japan.  For this special edition of Liner Notes, we speak to one of the performers, Tokyo-based J-pop artist Anly.  

Climate Live Team with Anly

Climate Live Japan team (L to R: Aina Koide, Yayako Suzuki, Anly, Daiki Yamamoto, Hanae Takahashi, Maho Tashiro. Photo: Wooddy)

CCP: What inspired you to want to be part of ClimateLive?

Anly: When I was invited to this event, it made me think about the importance of the Climate issues.
To tell you the truth, I never seriously thought about the issues before. I thought it would be a good chance to spread the awareness of the climate issues.

CCP: Why is it important for influencers to use their platform to spread awareness for the climate crisis? 

Anly: I don’t know that I consider myself as an “influencer”? 
But I think it is very important for influencers to speak up for the right cause. 
The Climate issue is about our daily lives. It will effect everyone’s life.
If I can be of any help in people to start thinking about the climate issues and start taking steps towards mitigating the issues I am more than happy to help. 
No matter how small the steps are. We all have to start somewhere.

(Photo: Wooddy)

CCP: How long have you been composing your own songs, and when did you know this is what you wanted to do?

Anly: I sort of started composing songs in Junior high, when I was 13~14 years old. I could not complete the songs yet then. But when I became 15 or so in High School I started completing these songs and started seriously writing more songs.
Music was always close to me.

CCP: where do you do most of your songwriting? What is the process?

Anly: Many times melodies and lyrics pops up in my head while I am walking and riding buses. I used to write the lyrics first when I was in Okinawa but since I moved to Tokyo, I write melodies first more often. I think this is happening because there are so much more sounds and noises in Tokyo than Okinawa. Okinawa is quieter.

Nowadays I write songs in many different ways. I may start with Guitar first, Track first, melody first, lyric first, rhythm track first etc. I also work with many different producers. One of the main producers that I closely work with is in LA.

(Photo: Wooddy)

CCP: I’ve noticed several of your songs have been featured in films. How did that come about? Is it a different song writing process when writing a song for a film ?

Anly: Recording label and Production company people market my songs to get these theme songs for films and CMs. 
But many times I have to write new songs to match the needs of the film. So I read the Script before writing the songs. For an example “Karanokokoro” which was the last theme song for NARUTO, I read the whole series of NARUTO comic books. All 72 comic books in one week before writing the song! 

CCP: A lot of your songs have an epic, anthemic quality and you also look at home with just a guitar. What’s your favorite “live” set up?

Anly: It is hard for me to chose one set up. I basically like all of them because each setting has its unique quality and beauty. I try to differentiate each set up so that each set up has its own style and unique quality. Otherwise I feel that it does not make sense to do therm all.

(Photo: Wooddy)

CCP: I also have to ask about some of your cover songs of classic rock, such as the Beatles, Led Zeppelin and the Red Hot Chili Peppers. Is this music you listened to when you were younger? 

Anly: I am too young to be listening to these Rock Classics on time. My father was listening to Rock Classics such as Eric Clapton, CCR, so I have his influences. Also in Okinawa, we can listen to FEN, Far Eat Network which is a US military radio, so I basically grew up listening to American, UK etc. music. 

(Photo: Wooddy)

CCP: If you were going to write a song children being born today, what would you want to tell them about the future?

Anly: Importance of Love, and also importance of loving one’s self no matter what happens!




About the Author

Anly is a 22 year old singer song writer from tiny “IE ISLAND” Okinawa, Japan

Anly was born and raised in "IE ISLAND” which is a tiny island off the northern coast of Okinawa (Ryukyu).(Okinawa is the southern most prefecture in Japan with semi-tropical climate)The population of “IE ISLAND” is about 4500 and there are 5000 cattle on the island!

There were no CD shops nor internet in the island, so Anly grew up listening to the CDs her father bought from mainland Okinawa, mostly 60’s and 70’s Rock Music such as Eric Clapton, CCR, ZZ TOP etc. 

In November 2015, at the age of 18 Anly debuted from Sony Music Records. Her first single CD included a theme song for nationally televised drama in Japan and also a song in collaboration with Gabrielle Aplin (recorded in London) The debut single hit No. 3 on the Rock chart (download) in Japan.


In 2017 Anly sang the Opening theme “KARANOKOKORO” for NARUTO 20. (The last theme song for NARUTO)

In 2018 Anly sang the ED “Beautiful” for “Seven Deadly Sins” .

In 2019 Anly sang theme song “Tranquility” for the movie “Legend of the Galactic Heroes - Die Neue These”.

In 2021 Anly also sang the theme song “Star Wink” for movie version of “Natsume’s Book of Friends”.

In 2018 Anly won the “SUPERNOVA AWARD” at “HONG KONG ASIA MUSIC FESTIVAL” in Hong Kong.