Audio Atlas / October 2020

The combination of massive wildfires and systematic deforestation in the Amazon rainforest is not only threatening the existence of indigenous peoples, animals and millions of local residents living in Brazil, but also accelerating climate change globally.

The Amazon rainforest effectively serves as the "lungs of the planet" by taking in carbon dioxide and producing oxygen. The forests are natural carbon sponges that surpass even our most sophisticated technology by absorbing 30% of the world’s CO2 emissions each year. When the forests are destroyed, the Amazon can no longer take in more carbon than it releases and this has a ripple effect around the world.

Audio Atlas / Brazil: A Listener’s Guide

If the Amazon rainforest is the lungs of the planet, Brazilian music might be the heartbeat. Whether you’re new to Brazilian music, or a long time connoisseur, Brazil: A Listener’s Guide will get your body moving with deep cuts from legends of samba and tropicália, as well as some bossa nova classics.

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