Working within popular culture to create awareness, accountability, and action around the issue of climate change.

The Latest Projects

Anly on Music + Climate

Liner Notes / Anly

On April 24th, 2021, a youth-led concert series called ClimateLive was held in over a dozen countries around the world.  Perhaps the largest of all the events, was Climate Live...

Tibet's Climate Crisis

Liner Notes / Pema Kunsal

Being an activist was never a choice. In a way, it felt more of a personal obligation to utilize my voice in surfacing social issues of any kind, whether it...

LaunchLeft, Right? A Conversation with Rain Phoenix

The Creative Climate / Episode 14

Episode 14 finds host Perry Serpa and guest co-host, Jillian Santella in a serious mind meld with musician, actor, activist and fellow podcaster, Rain Phoenix. Yes, Rain drops weekly dispatches...

Do Climate Activists Need to Be Perfect?

Liner Notes / Isabelle Axelsson

I often see people on social media who question the right of climate activists to be advocating for the climate. They ask how sustainable our lifestyles are, and how we dare tell others...

Perry & Kirsten Hang With Kisos!

The Creative Climate / Episode 12

This particular episode (12) provides a singular focus- a music-maker/visionary/influencer/curator who calls himself ​Kisos​. Perry and Kirsten chat with the man, the young legend about his much loved music video...

"No Nukes? Really?" A Conversation with Joe Sumner

The Creative Climate / Episode 11

This one goes to 11. Perry and Kirsten corner singer/songwriter/guitarist/radio host/environmentalist/mensch/dad, Joe Sumner for an engaging back n' forth about Joe's post-Fiction Plane canon- a brand new album, forthcoming, called...

The Best Medicine

Liner Notes / Rollie Williams

Have you ever noticed how time slows down in those few seconds before you’re accosted by a guy with a clipboard outside of a Whole Foods? You try to avoid eye contact, but...

Why Is A Picture Worth A Thousand Words - Part 2

The Creative Climate / Episode 8

For Episode 8, host Perry Serpa chats with visual artist, TB Ward. Proud Yorkshire lad and singer/songwriter/guitarist of now-defunct UK indie band, Elevate, Ward has spent much of the past...

Love and Respect in the Sahel

Liner Notes / Fousseny Traoré

[Editor’s note:  One of the joys of being part of a global movement is meeting people from all regions of the world who are working toward a common goal.  We...

Are You Gen-Green??

The Creative Climate / Episode 7

“Be willing to be led by people who are not you.” --Elsa Mengistu  For this episode, Perry talks to Elsa Mengistu, the co-founder of Generation Green (Gen-Green) -- A youth led...

Eco-Anxiety: Another Co-Opted Struggle

Liner Notes / Tori Tsui

I don’t know how many times I’ve heard the term eco-anxiety over the last few years. And there’s a part of me that has realised that the term centres the mental health of white...

All Love Aloe

The Creative Climate / Episode 4

  Perry and Kirsten interview the one and only, Aloe Blacc, artist and activist, well, "Artivist," a word he coined to harness the confluence of the two. "This is an exercise in...

We Live In Brooklyn, Baby

The Creative Climate / Episode 2

In Episode 2 of The Creative Climate, we shift our focus to Black Lives Matter. It’s no secret that climate justice and racial justice are linked, but it can be easy to take this fact for granted.

More Powerful Than Oil Executives

Liner Notes / Naina Agrawal-Hardin

My family’s roots span multiple continents, yet our places of origin are more connected than they might appear. East Tennessee and Northern Bihar are both rural, poor, and uniquely vulnerable to the climate crisis....